How About This Chinese Couple Banging In A Restaurant With Only Some Frosted Glass Covering Them?

Is this what actually goes on in China? I know that China’s toilet situation is a disaster and some kids have slits in their pants and will just pop a squat while walking in public to piss/shit wherever they please. Is that the same for dropping seed too? Like if you are at a restaurant and that General Tsos has you both feeling some kind of way, can you and your date shoot each other a look after finishing your fortune cookies and start swapping fluids? Because if so, that would explain why the Chinese population continues to skyrocket.

Here in America there is so much more time from the end of the meal to the time you get home for the woman to realize just how bad of an idea sex with a guy would be. But if you are going to have a guy throw three pumps into you before he does the ol’ “I’ll tell her I’m admiring how beautiful she is but I’m really trying to stop this from ending right now, annnnnd it’s over” move, you might as well just get it done at the restaurant and have the rest of your night free. And I’d say that having Asian girls laughing in the background didn’t do this guy any favors, but I’m sure that’s basically just constant background noise like the shitty laughing track in Friends, no matter where you are in China.

h/t Tim