Toss Up, Charles Barkley's Golf Swing Vs. Charles Barkley's Baseball Swing



So I think we can safely say the Golf swing isn’t a fluke, not just something Chuck never had the time to get right. Nope, we’re officially in the “If he isn’t holding a basketball, he looks like the worst athlete of all time” zone. That bat looked like it was 10,000 pounds on his shoulder. And then of course to add insult to injury Len and JD kicked to it to footage of his golf swing as well. Kind of hurting all of our rants about Neymar and how much soccer players suck at any other sport when we have a Hall of Fame basketball player struggling this badly. Fucking Chuck, stick to being funny on TNT and getting drunk at bars, suits you so much better.




Remember when everyone was saying Jon Lester sucked last year and was over the hill and the worst signing ever? That was fun. Minus one bad outing in San Fran a few weeks ago he’s been dominant. 9 of his 12 starts this season he’s given up 1 earned run or less. Having he and Jake as the 1A and 1B is quite something.



Oh and I know everyone keeps saying that Cubs fans need to chill out. It’s gone from “remember when you got swept in the NLCS” to “it’s just april” to “it’s just may” to “they won’t win a World Series anyway”. Like rooting for your team and being happy for success is somehow a dickish thing to do. But we’re now over 1/3 of the way through the season. If the Cubs were to play .500 ball for the rest of the year (they won’t, they’ll be much better than that) they would still win 93 games.