The Dodgers Used Joe West's Country Music As Their Walk-Up Songs

It’s pretty widely known among the baseball community that MLB umpire Joe West is a country singer in his spare time. But for those who didn’t know, that’s why they call him Country Joe West. The data is from 2014, but he is statistically one of the worst umpires in baseball in terms of how often he gets the call correctly. He’s often been accused of making bullshit calls in order to get his name in the papers, thus promoting his country music. I think that’s a hot take and a half. I just think he’s not that good. Regardless of that, the Dodgers trolled the shit out of Joe West by going one time through their batting order using his country songs as their walk-up music. I love how they did this against the Atlanta Braves, too. They waited until they were playing the biggest joke of a team in the MLB to dick around and do something like this. Perfect execution all around.