If You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like For Your Dad To Tour The White House With An iPhone, Wade Phillips Twitter Is Here To Clear That Up


Ever thought to yourself, what would it be like if my dad toured the White House with an iPhone he didn’t really know how to use? Well wonder no more because Wade Phillips went to the White House with the Broncos today and he took us on an exceptional ride. Let’s go! But first, a quick dad joke to get us ready.


Yup, this doesn’t even make sense. Barack, Bronc, kind of the same because they both start with B? Whatever, pity laugh for dad here.





Completely off centered picture from way too far away. Check. Don’t tell Wade there is a zoom on his phone.





Step into the…PUN ZONE!!!






This is technically the back of the White House but we tried.





Short and to the point here. Really all you need to know, it’s a lawn.



Wait, but there’s more, there is also RoseGarden




Red Room, or better put, half of the red room, no one really knows what else is in the red room, it’s a mystery.





Wonder what tipped Wade off here.





Neat indeed, neat indeed.







Bonus shot for the road, fucking love this guy.