A Wannabe Tough Guy Drug Dealer Made The Mistake Of Wanting To Get Paid For His Drugs And Got Beat Down Into A Puddle


“You should be scared, I’m about to hit you” – famous last words from a drug dealer who got slapped bloody by another man


Rough day to be a glass jawed drug dealer in knee high black socks and shorts though huh? I mean it’s implicit that every day is on some level but in this case it’s an especially rough day. I’ve said it about bullies before, the key thing is that you’ve got to be able to back up that aggressive tough talk or what’s the point? And that goes double for a drug dealer. Your whole life depends on people not only knowing you’re a guy who sells drugs but also that you’re a guy who will not accept late or non-payment for said drugs. It’s not like being a local bodega where you can call the cops or collect insurance. Your insurance is your ability to impose your will upon other people either physically or with a gun or a bodyguard, anything. This kid had nothing on his side but a vague resemblance to an alternate universe Jason Williams who didn’t have the whole “White Chocolate” thing work out.


But it’s time to look at the bright side. Guess what black socks? You’re not a drug dealer. Now we know that. Even if you get a gun at this point you’re still a dude who got beaten down and slapped until you got up like a microwaved Stretch Armstrong, people would take their chances. So instead go get your GED, learn a trade, get an air conditioning repair gig and maybe open up your own business some day. One where you can call police or sue if a customer doesn’t want to pay you for goods and/or services. Instead of relying on your own easily betrayed fists and a Graham Cracker jaw to incompetently collect on illegal products, you can look to the meaty paws of tort law wielded by Lady Justice. Only when you accept your limitations can you exceed them. Build on it, black socks.