Vin Scully Breaks The News Of Muhammad Ali's Death On Air

The GOAT bids farewell to the GOAT.

We were talking about Vin Scully Fatigue on the Rundown last week. Feitelberg raised the very valid point that its getting ridiculous how basically every time Vin Scully tells a story or anecdote or does something on the broadcast, it seems to go viral. Vin is 100%, no doubt about it, the best baseball broadcaster of all time, but we are reaching the point here in his farewell season (just like all other farewell tours) where its overkill.

That being said, I’m always going to click on anything Vin Scully related. Always. “Vin Scully calls…” “Vin Scully tells the story of…” “Listen to Vin Scully recount the time…” Click. Click. Click. Every time. I mean this Muhammad Ali clip wasnt anything special at all. It wasnt a particularly inspiring or well done bit of radio. It wasnt overly dramatic. You’re not getting goosebumps. He didnt even get the quote right. But thats all part of Vin’s charm and allure with every folksy broadcast he does. For me I think its just about hearing that voice tell me all the biggest happenings in the world. I want to hear Vin Scully broadcast the news that we captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. I want to hear Vin Scully call the White Bronco Chase. The Challenger explode. The first man on the moon. All of it. If there’s news worth speaking about, he’s the guy I want speaking. “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee” is one of the greatest quotes of all time and after the death of Ali, I want to hear one of the greatest voices of all time say it. Thats the Vin Scully difference.