Kanye Decided To Put On A Suprise 2 AM Show In New York City And It's Going Swimmingly----2 AM UPDATE: Show Cancelled


Yo! Go home people! It’s a school night! This is like fucking Beatlemania except it’s to see Kanye perform Life Of Pablo at 2 am on a random Sunday in June. We’re one fire being lit away from it looking like Route 1 after a Maryland basketball game. Absolute mayhem in the streets of New York right now.

If you aren’t demanding your people to get the mayor on the phone at 12:30 on a Sunday night to shut down some streets so people can party, then you’re a nobody.

I love where his head’s at.

And big shout outs to the people who actually live on that street, good luck with all that:

2 AM Update:

Woops. Guess all these people have to go home so they can get up for work in the morning!

Fucking cringeeeeeeeeeeee. Go home assholes.

EDIT: Kanye showed up anyway.