UFC 200 Could Have It's Huge Main Eventer...And His Name Is Brock Lesnar

MMA – The UFC is in serious talks with former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to have him fight at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas, multiple sources confirmed with MMA Fighting. Both sides are close to finalizing a deal, and if all goes well, Lesnar’s return to mixed martial arts could be announced imminently. While talks are progressing well between Lesnar and the UFC, an opponent for Lesnar isn’t close to being finalized. It is unclear at this time who is under consideration. The 38-year-old Lesnar hasn’t competed in MMA since his Dec. 2011 loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Lesnar’s career was cut short due to his struggles with diverticulitis, and after leaving MMA, he returned to World Wrestling Entertainment, where he’s been performing for the last four years.


Yep, that’ll do it. Conor McGregor, out, the beast Brock Lesnar, in. Did not see this coming at all. Brock is still under contract with WWE, but it doesn’t look like that’ll stop him from fighting at UFC 200. I blogged not too long ago about how it sucks that UFC 200 won’t be the big spectacle it was once meant to be, and this will change everything. Brock Lesnar is a massive draw. He is a killing machine. No matter where he goes, be it UFC or WWE (or suplexing people in NFL training camps), he is out to kill. If he didn’t almost die of a bacterial disease, he probably wouldn’t have left UFC to come back to WWE to begin with.

But there is one minor, teeny tiny problem…Brock is still under contract with WWE. For 3 more years. Vince isn’t the type of guy to let his guys just go perform on other promotions. To say the least. So either Brock doesn’t care, or Vince is allowing this cross promotion to happen, similar to when we saw when Rousey got into the ring at last year’s Wrestlemania. With WWE’s ratings struggling, this would be a big time move to cross promote for WWE. Let your biggest name fight in UFC’s huge PPV, and then have Lesnar come back to Monday Night Raw two days later. It’s perfect. Really just need to hope Vince opens his brain and allows this to happen.