I Hate How Much I Like The Trailer For Ballers Season 2

I went into last season hoping that Ballers would be the football version of Entourage (the early years) and ended last season wondering what the fuck happened. I mean it wasn’t a good show, but it wasn’t the worst show ever. I think I just got confused because every time Right Above It came on with videos of football and Miami, my brain would dump a shitload of dopamine. And then the Next On would get me excited for the following week, creating a bookend of excitement. The problem was just in the middle. In fact, if Ballers was just a 30 second show that played the Next On scenes, it would be Emmy worthy. Because you know what’s awesome? The Rock, football, cameos by athletes, people partying in Miami, and hot chicks. Ballers should be an escape for me to forget how much I hate freezing my ass off in New York half the year while also hating people that actually live like this in real life.

Instead I can only remember like three things that happened last season. I know I hated the offensive lineman’s storyline with his wife, I know The Rock was having weird issues with his girlfriend or whatever she was, and I know that Denzel Washington’s kid sounds JUST LIKE HIM the first time you hear his voice after being told that he is Denzel Washington’s kid.

But you know what? That trailer has me sucked back in again. Ballers is the perfect summer show. Just sits on your DVR until you are bored on a shitty day and need something to watch. It looks like Andy Garcia may be playing some sort of a Terry Benedict role, which I welcome. And The Rock is and forever will be the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today on the planet. More parties, girls, cameos, mindless fun, and football references. And maybe mix in a storyline from somewhere in Florida outside of Miami. You can basically write any ridiculous scene that takes place in Florida and I would believe it. Giant gators, meth heads that became zombies, etc. The writers have a blank canvas and a beautiful paint brush in The Rock. Keep it simple, stupid.

PS: Love that Vin Diesel line at the end. The Rock came in and took over Vin Diesel’s corner all while smiling and gaining 500 lbs. of muscle. The Rock is the fucking best.