The Biggest Takeaway From Game 1 Of The NBA Finals Is That All Is Well With Sonya And Dell Curry

Look at that. Nothing but smiles and high fives, with a little slap on the butt for Dell. I see you Sonya! The Queen Bee of the NBA’s first family was front and center last night letting everybody know who her man is. Good luck beating the Warriors now that the reports of the Currys’ marriage woes were grossly exaggerated because of some handsy friend of the family. It’s good to have the world back to normal.

Oh yeah, and RIP in peace to the lady that didn’t realize she got into a dance off with Mama Curry and was gently placed in a bodybag.

And that vest? Pulling. It. Off. I also love Dell standing up and getting ready to defend his honor and woman anytime Mama Curry is on the jumbotron or TV. Never know what type of rabble-rousers will try to get their five minutes of fame by grabbing the NBA’s Jackie O.

The other big takeaway from the game was the Klay Thompson’s doppelganger is the PBS logo. I will not be able to unsee that for the rest of my life.

Oh yeah, and the third takeaway from last night is that Stephen A. Smith still has his fastball for the most annoying motherfucker on TV. But we already knew that.