I Love This Cop Who Broke Up A Bar Fight Then Proceeded To Belt Out Some Karaoke



Encore! Encore! Man of the people! Is there anything better than when you’re drinking in a bar and the cops come and they end up being super cool? There probably are better things than that but that’s a pretty great one. Cops walking into a bar can go one of two ways. One, they mean mug everybody in the place, check IDS, maybe kick a few people out then bounce and it kills the mood. Or it can go the other way. As long as no shenanigans are going down, they’ll converse with the bar patrons, laugh it up, maybe belt out a little Gloria Gaynor and everybody feels better about the situation. I couldn’t help but think of the scene from Anchorman where everybody wants to Ron Burgundy to play jazz flute and he’s like, “No no no. I couldn’t possibly. I’m not prepared” and then a jazz flute slides out of his sleeve. That’s how I picture that police officer when they asked him to sing a little karaoke. “No I can’t. I’m working. I shouldn’t. Well alright….” then lets it rip.