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How Often Do Girls Masturbate? - KFC Radio 171

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Big Cat says 2-3 times a week. Feits says 3-4. I say 4-5. Of course it all depends on where you are in life. I bet chicks punish themselves when they’re young, hit a valley when they get a little older, and then spike back up when they’re a lonely cougar housewife going through that late life sexual awakening. But no matter what stage I think it’s more than you expect.

The question in today’s episode is would you want to know? Would you want to know how often? What they’re watching when they do it? Would you want to know all their habits? Or would it freak you out? If the tables were turned and chicks knew what we were watching and how often we were crackin stick, they’d probably all go lez. I don’t think there’s the same sort of shock with this going the other direction, but maybe somethings are better left unsaid? Perhaps a little bit of mystery? Me personally I don’t really care but that’s probably because I’m a deviant.

Also on today’s episode the gang makes a pact to get some bootleg liposuction, we talk some Cubs/Mets/Red Sox, discuss what life will be like at the new Barstool Office, and more. Plug in juice up.