David Wright Is Expected To Miss Significant Time With A Herniated Disc In His Neck


NY Daily News- In what has to come as little surprise to the Mets and their fans, captain David Wright will be placed on the disabled list Friday and is expected to miss “an extended period of time,” a league source told the Daily News. The Mets would not comment on Wright’s condition Thursday night, but a league source said they are expected to announce something before Friday’s series opener at Miami. FoxSports’ Ken Rosenthal first reported the Wright news on Thursday night.

Wright was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his neck last weekend and has been out of the lineup since Saturday. The team said he received a shot on Tuesday, but according to sources close to Wright, the ailing team captain received several shots around his neck and shoulder over the course of several hours Tuesday morning in an attempt to alleviate the pain and get back on the field. The shots, assumed to be cortisone but never confirmed by the team, did not work, though. Now the Mets will have to adjust their roster and their plans this season as Wright is set to sit out a significant chunk of another season.
An aging athlete missing significant time the last two years with back and neck injuries seems bad, right? Our captain and face of the franchise for a decade is breaking down before our eyes and it fucking suuuuuucks. No way around it. When Wright signed that massive contract during the dark days of the Mets, we all knew there was a good chance it was going to come back and bite us in the ass down the road. But we all hoped it wouldn’t be like this. Just shit luck for a guy that had to endure some pretty bad years before things started to turn around as the stud pitchers made their way to the bigs.

As for solutions, I’m not sure where the Mets are going to go from here. The one thing this injury will do is get the Panic Citi Mongos calling up Francesa with some absolutely ludicrous trades.

I don’t think acquiring a superstar will be feasible given the question marks a struggling Harvey and recovering Wheeler bring to the rotation. Wilmer Flores was always thought of as the guy that would replace Wright when the inevitable injury hit. And being at an easier defensive position than short while having the power to hit 16 home runs at the age of 23 should only help Wilmer’s cause. But that also means that Flores’ spot as a utility guy on the bench is being filled by Ty Kelly. And I swear to God I will murder someone if Eric Campbell is brought back up.

The Mets just need a band-aid to get them through the season. Someone that can play everyday when needed but also has no problem coming off the bench. Someone that has been in a pennant race and the postseason. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Dark Sexy. The Hog Show. Mr. Coke Can himself. Juan Uribe.




If you scroll through those pictures and don’t get a little nostalgic about Uribe, you do not have a pulse. It’s a traveshamockery that the Mets didn’t bring him back. And while I’m sure Uribe is happy being an everyday player and the Wilpons would not be happy paying a replacement the pro-rated portion of a $4 million contract, some things are bigger than that. One of those things is Uribe’s dick. The other is the magic Juan Uribe brings to a team. Indians outfielders Abraham Almonte and Marlon Byrd have both been suspended for PEDs. The Mets have Alejandro De Aza just rotting away on the bench. Throw in Eric Campbell and whatever highlights the Mets front office watched of him to give him all those chances and we should have a deal. Do the damn thing Sandy and bring Dark Sexy home.

In the meantime, get well David.