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The Knicks Version Of Ghostbusters Is Probably Better Than The Disaster That Is Coming Out In July

So THAT’S what the Knicks do during the NBA Finals. Can’t say I hate the commercial either. Me7o is already a D-level movie star with Ninja Turtles opening today. The Year of Porzingis continues as he dazzles on screen. And Clyde joins the gang as the lothario that can seduce any women ghost. Gozer or not, Clyde is forever the keymaster. And Sigourney Weaver better watch that sexy ass around Clyde.

But the one loser here is that Freddy Krueger outfit wearing Spike Lee. Can’t we just get rid of Spike already? We need a new face of the Knicks fans. I personally vote Michael Rapaport because the Knicks have driven him batshit crazy like the rest of us and he is hilarious during his appearances on #Mailtime and Pardon My Take. Nobody gives a shit about Spike Lee anymore. He’s just “The other guy” in those commercials with Sir Charles and Samuel L. Jackson. I’d rather have Slimer represent Knicks fans than Spike Lee. Ecto Cooler >>> Any Spike Lee joint since Inside Man.

As for the Kobe commercial, it was simply a watered-down version of the original, just like Ghostbusters 2 (save for this fire jam).