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The Fact That Nick Foles Is Trying To Stand Up To The New And Improved Hollywood Jeff Is Laughable

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This is why I’m excited for the move to LA. Jeff Fisher in sunglasses 24/7/365. Forget dreary old St. Louis, Hollywood Jeff aka Cool Guy Jeff aka Jeffy Cool Guy has arrived. He’s here to do 2 things. Coach some mediocre football and chew some gum and last I checked he’s all out of gum. 8-8 is sweet, 8-8 in sunglasses is BOSS.


Oh Nick Foles, you want to skip OTA’s? Here’s a stone cold fact right in your face.




And you know what the best part about Hollywood Jeff is? The cargo shorts. Cargo shorts don’t work 99.9% of the time but for Hollywood Jeff they do. I imagine he’s got all kinds of shit in there. Couple minibar bottles of whiskey, beef jerky, another pair of sunglasses. Actually that’s about it. Maybe this playbook as well but yeah, sunglasses beef jerky and booze, that’s Jeff Fisher football.



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