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A Guy At A Museum Got Caught On Video Touching A Priceless Old Clock And Accidentally Sending It Crashing To The Floor


Mirror – The unidentified couple were admiring exhibits at the National Watch and Clock Museum, in Columbia, Pennsylvania, when the accident happened.

Footage of the incident was posted online by staff at the horology museum.

The video appeared with the warning: “This is why we beg and plead with our visitors to please refrain from touching objects in museums.”

In the CCTV footage, a couple can be seen examining the exhibits from a distance as they make their way through the museum.


This is EASILY the most frustrating video I’ve ever seen. Obviously I knew the outcome clicking the video, a clock is going to be broken by one of these two idiots, but this guy touched the thing approximately 1,000 times before it collapsed off the wall. He completely could have touched it, checked the mechanics of it, and walked away scotfree with the clock totally in tact and some satisfied curiosity without destroying exhibits. But nooooo. Just had to keep touching and fiddling over and over until that top piece collapsed and it all came crashing down. With every single poke and prod of that clock I hated this guy more and more. Just so greedy. And now all the poor kids excitedly going to the National Watch and Clock Museum will be deprived of one of the rites of passage of youth of by seeing one less asshole unreadable clock tick away time. It’s a travesty really.


At the same time though, I don’t know how you can have a fringe museum like this and not expect people’s grubby fingers to get everywhere, especially with no security. MOMA, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian, sure, those places deserve the respect that comes with the quality of museum they are. But some asshole watch and clock museum tourist trap shithole that people visit to take a break from staring at Amish people churning butter should be like one of those interactive science museums where you’re touching everything and learning is an adventure. When your museum is based on a thing most kids don’t even know exists thanks to iPhones, you’ve got to be willing to break a few sundials to stay competitive in the museum game.