Lifelong Cubs Fan Craig Sager Threw Out The First Pitch Last Night And Absolutely Rocked The 7th Inning Stretch



(Source) “I realize it’s not about me,” Sager said shortly after he arrived at Wrigley, before the gates opened. “It’s about what I represent — somebody fighting cancer, somebody fighting through it. Everybody can relate to that, through their family, their friends. They know the hardships. They don’t want to give up. They want to fight through it. We’ve made so much progress in fighting cancer the last 20 years. We really have. … My goal is to fight through it, and let’s find a medical breakthrough and people won’t have to do what I’ve had to do.”

Sager had made an uncountable number of visits to Wrigley Field in his 64 years, but this was the granddaddy of them all. He was leading a party of 31 that included family members and old friends, some his brothers from the Delta Tau Delta house at Northwestern.



The world needs more people like Craig Sager. What a moment last night during the stretch. Lifelong Cubs fan in the midst of a very public battle with Cancer, stepping up to the window and bringing the house down. Fitting that he also threw the first pitch out to Anthony Rizzo, cancer survivor and that the game was won on the back of Jon Lester, cancer survivor. Special night, let’s hope Craig can come back next year to raise a banner. Fuck Cancer. #SagerStrong