How About This Outright SMOKESTACK Threading Needles With The Pigskin?

Hey, I don’t care if she’s shotputting that shit. I’m all for innovation. Reggie Miller had one awkward looking shot. Ty Cobb batted .400 starting his hands apart on the bat. I have never lost a Mario Kart 64 battle smothering the controller with my patented Facehugger grip. Whatever helps you get the job done. Sure, she doesn’t stand a chance even on the battlefield of the Lingerie Football League, but good for her going Drew Brees on life. Plus I don’t know what “Donkey Mode” means but hopefully it eventually ends up being the long lost cousin of the Donkey Punch on a casting couch.

At least she can hit 40+ with pinpoint accuracy unlike 95% of the male population out there. Yo Weird Haircut Seth, STEP OFF. Still such a fire jam it’s not even fair.

PS – Throwing the ball is one thing, but being nimble enough to catch your own Hail Mary’s is another. Athleticism: Defined.