Shout Out To The Super Hardo Who Paid His $220 Speeding Ticket With 22,000 Pennies

Texas – After Brett Sanders got a speeding ticket driving 39 mph in a 30 mph zone last year, he was furious. The Frisco, Tex., resident was pulled over outside his home and thought the ticket was unjust. “I didn’t hurt anyone or put anybody’s safety at risk,” he told The Washington Post. “To drive down the road, it is nearly impossible not to break some traffic law. Cops know this and they know they can literally pull over any vehicle at any time and force the driver to pay money to the state.” “It’s become an extortion racket of the worst kind,” he added. Sanders resisted paying the citation. But faced with arrest after a jury failed to dismiss his ticket, he finally relented last month. He would pay the $212 ticket, he grumbled, but he was going to do it on his terms — in pennies. “I wanted to not only clog the system, but to send a message, too,” he told The Post this week, noting that paying with pennies has been a longstanding protest against speeding tickets. “I wanted to insert words like ‘extortion’ and ‘criminal’ into a conversation about the injustice that is traffic laws.”

Yeah, you showed them! Don’t tread on me, baby! Screw that local police outfit for giving you a perfectly justifiable ticket for exceeding the speed limit! Look, I get it. Getting any sort of ticket SUCKS. But what exactly does this prove to the system? If anything it makes everything more bureaucratic as some poor mother of 4 secretary is going to have to spend an entire day cleaning up all those Lincolns. I can see if was going 1, 2, or 5 mph over the speed limit to have a legitimate argument for “Extortion” and calling them “Criminals”. Hell, we all fly well over 9+ mph every damn day. Did it justify $220? Probably not, but we’re living in society. The hardo got caught and has to pay the piper. No need to be a childish hardo about it.

If you get a ticket that you think is unwarranted and want to prove a point, rip it up right after you get it, grab your sack, and become a fugitive. That’s the real way to send a message. Sure, it may be exhausting looking over your shoulder for 7+ years after starting a fire in a Wawa, but dammit, it sends a greater message than pussing out with pennies. Gotta play that “If you want me come and get me” card if it’s at your disposal. Godspeed Smitty The Outlaw: