Ben Simmons May Not Be Able To Shoot Worth Shit But At Least He Can Punt In 3's With The Best Of Them

Cool, dude. Maybe if Rock n’ Jock ever comes back (as it damn well should) that can be a 50 point shot. I’m not saying this isn’t impressive. It is. But how about we quit the grab-ass and work on that so called jump shot that’s the only thing keeping you from an instant megastar? Gonna be real cute when him or Embiid can get injured playing together on the pitch instead of the court.

Here we go. Now that’s the sweet, shirtless stroke we’ve been looking for. Uncontested and no pressure, but hey, gotta develop somewhere.

I still say once the Sixers draft him make him live in Herb McGee’s basement for the rest of his days. That man could teach Stephen Hawking to shoot 40% from the field. This squid, no, but someone who doesn’t talk back right away and listens, yes. Gotta get that guide hand.