Klay Thompson's Dad Watched Monday Night Raw Instead of Game 7

I don’t know if I buy this. It has to be hyperbole or something. How is Mychal Thompson THAT nervous for his son’s game that he doesn’t watch it? The elder Thompson not only played in the league himself, but has seen Klay play in big games before. Game 6 on the road was more nerve wracking than game 7 at home. I think Mychal Thompson just wanted to watch Raw. It seems like he’s just a huge John Cena fan and wasn’t about to miss Cena’s return just because his son couldn’t win the series in less than 7 games. And seriously, Mychal had to have flipped back during some of the matches, there’s no chance he went all of Monday without watching game fucking 7. No chance. It also begs the the question why he doesn’t have multiple TVs. I’m a dirty basement blogger and have the 2 TV set up, Mychal Thompson can’t pony up 12 bucks a month for another cable box? In all honesty, buying a 2nd TV and paying $12 a month for another box is the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s such a no-brainer. You can get a semi-cheap TV for TV2 and it pays for itself over and over and over during college football, during NFL Sundays, during the NCAA tournament, during NBA and NHL playoffs, and especially when game 7 of OKC vs GSW and Monday Night Raw are on at the same time.