Super Cool Guy Lights His Cigarette Then Lights His Dick On Fire



How about that for some instant Cool Guy karma? He thought he was the coolest dude on planet Earth after he lit this cigarette with his fingers. I’m not totally clear on what his end game was after that. It almost looked like he was gonna drink the flaming gasoline until whoops he poured it all over his cock and balls. That’s really a worst case scenario. Because one way to get a fire out is to smack it until it goes away. So while his dick was burning like a hot dog on the grill, someone was repeatedly slapping him in the dick trying to extinguish it. So many different kinds of pain happening at once. If this were a romantic comedy bit, we’d all be laughing. I guess we’re all still laughing. Is it weird to wanna know what his dick looks like now? No, you’re gay. I’m just saying, his shit has to be fucked up beyond repair. All because he thought it be awesome to make a YouTube video where he lights a cig with his finger tips.