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Wake Up With CJ Cron Hitting A Walk-Off Home Run To Beat The Tigers


This game was a huge, swift kick in the balls for the Detroit Tigers. They fell behind 9-2 in the fourth inning, and battled all the way back thanks to a JD Martinez two-run home run in the sixth, an Ian Kinsler grand slam in the seventh, and a game-tying bomb off the bat of Victor Martinez in the eighth. All that, just to get punted in the nuts in the bottom of the ninth when CJ Cron hit his second home run of the night, the Angels‘ fourth long ball of the game, and bat-flipped right in Detroit’s face to walk off with the win.

I’d rather lose 11-2 than to come all the way back from down being down 9-2, only to have the game end like that. Miguel Cabrera homered in the first inning, and Justin Upton launched his third dinger of the year in the second inning, so in total, this game saw nine home runs. Nine home runs, which also happens to be 43% of the Atlanta Braves’ home run total as a team this season.