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At Least Johnny Manziel Is Really Good At Drawing Dicks On Dudes?

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.23.39 PM

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And people say I’m a Johnny hater, oh no no no. That right there is how it’s done. Guy passes out at a party in the middle of the day (the party was probably on it’s 4th day), draw a dick on his face. Dave wants Johnny to “make a comeback” well here’s your start. It’s like when a shooter is in a funk, just need to see one go in. Johnny just needs to do one successful thing in his life, one thing to get the positivity going, boom, sharpie dick on a forehead with bonus Hitler mustache. That’s positive momentum if I’ve ever seen it. What NFL quarterback doesn’t skip OTA’s to pull freshman year college pranks on drunk people? Good job by Dave, he’s successfully rehabbed a man. Johnny Football is back.