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Punjabi Hockey Goal Calls Are All The Rage Right Now





First and foremost, congrats to Big Goal Bonino on last night’s winner. This Cup Final is a real Sophie’s Choice for me: on the one hand you’ve got Cotoure and Jumbo, on the other you’ve got Bonino, Cole, Lovejoy, and Kessel who’s become incredibly likeable on the Pens. I think my play is going to be that I keep my rooting interest silent/unselected then just say I wanted the winner to win all along. Can’t lose there.



Secondly, there’s no convincing me that Punjabi isn’t a racial slur. It absolutely is. Every time I read it it’s like I just read the N word, and I look around to make sure there are no minorities inside my head who could have heard me say it. Punjabi is like “Mexican” or “Jew” in the sense that, sure, it’s “technically” the proper name, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue right. “Hey listen to these whacky Punjabis talk hockey!” Come on, there’s no way that sounds like it passes the PC test. I’m not complaining, I love saying words that make people think wait is he being a racist?, I’m just pointing out that this is definitely one of those so be careful when explaining it to other people. These guys are great commentators! I think it’s OK that they’re speaking Punjabi. > Listen to these fucking Punjabis call hockey!