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Francesa ERUPTS Over Harambe The Gorilla

Listen we’ve only got so much Francesa left. He’s retiring from WFAN in 2017. I’m sure he’ll carry on in some capacity but the fact of the matter is the clock is ticking on Mike Francesa. We are not gonna have the same access to him for 5 hours a day soon. And so its moments like this – moments where we are lucky enough that Mike’s career overlapped with a gorilla zoo disaster – that we simply have to drop to our knees and thank the radio gods. Moments where we have to realize just HOW LUCKY we are that we got Mike Francesa saying this phrase:


That is like the PERFECT Zaun Phrase. For Mongos everywhere you couldn’t ask for better Francesa material. It turns out that above all else – above JFK Francesa and Horse Francesa and Oscars Francesa – Gorilla Francesa is the best Francesa of all. And I didn’t even see it coming.

So shout out to that 4 year old idiot and his dumb parents and that dead gorilla because it birthed one of the greatest Francesa eruptions in WFAN history