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This INSANE Match Full Of Crazy Flips and Moves Is a Must-Watch For Even The Most Casual of Wrestling Fans


Not many matches are must-watch matches. This is one. I’m a bit into that type of “flippy shit” style to begin with, and man, this had it all. Incredible. We see the same robotic matches in WWE week after week, and then to see this, absolutely mind blowing. Such spectacular athletes and entertainers, not a minute went by of the 20 minute match where I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. Just incredible shit out of Ricochet and Will Ospreay


Man. Just so great. Incredible what these guys can achieve when they are allowed to do matches outside of the “WWE mold”. Obviously it also takes very special wrestlers to pull this off.

PS: AJ Styles was in NJPW, ROH, TNA, etc for how long before making it to make it to WWE? And that reaction he got last night was insane. Guys from other promotions are good too, Vince.