Prank Video Tricking Guys Into Thinking They Are Getting Compliments On The Street Is Hilariously Awkward

I’m not a big “prank” video guy. Particularly because none of them are really pranks. Running up to some black dudes and stepping on their Jordan’s and then getting beat up isnt really a prank. Thats just you being an asshole and filming it. “Hey whats up guys its my new prank where I harass some chicks and their boyfriends fight me over it!” “Hey guys whats up its my new prank video! We’re gonna spit on people’s faces and see what happens!”

But this one is executed to perfection. Watching those dudes go from ultimate confidence booster, self esteem through the roof, 10 out of 10 happiness, straight to utter embarrassment and despair is great. Its just great. High quality entertainment watching other people suffer. Thats the sort of moment where you’re mentally kicking yourself like “Use your goddam head, Kevin. Of course she wasnt talking to you. When was the last fucking time a beautiful girl walked up to you on the street and said you were gorgeous? Why on EARTH would you think that girl was talking to you?” With a metaphorical midget inside your head kicking your brain repeatedly reminding you that you’re never going to get treated like that. Its bad enough when someone waves from a distance and you think its intended for you and you wave back only to realize its someone behind you. When you wave back on an unintended wave you want to jump in front of the next bus coming down the street. Cant even imagine how mortifying it is when you thank someone because they said “you must work out” and it has nothing to do with you.

Great prank. A+ idea, even better execution. Human disappointment always puts asses in the seats.