Wahhhh! This Girl Wasn't Allowed To Fly Because She Was Dressed Too Disgustingly






Here’s a feel good story to ease us back into the work week: Maggie McMuffin, pictured above, wasn’t allowed to fly in her underpants and now she’s angry! Sorry, McMuffin, but this isn’t one of your burlesque shows, it’s an airplane. Normal strangers don’t want to sit next to a ghost in her period-panties on a cross-country flight.


If you ask me, this is the first step in the right direction and airport’s need to start implementing full-scale dress codes at TSA. While you’re going through the metal detector, there’s a Fashion Police-like panel sitting there and judging your outfit. If you’re deemed unfit to fly, you and your fucking sleep pants go home.


Flying used to be all elegant and shit, now people show up like the incredible science of flight is merely an interruption to their Netflix and fart into the couch binge. Clean it the fuck up, people. We’re living in a society, here! If you’re going to be sitting next to a stranger for an extended period of time, try and make yourself look remotely presentable. I shouldn’t have the same reaction to a JetBlue passenger as I do to homeless people on the subway. It’s travel day, not laundry day.



PS – I think that Fashion Police idea should apply to life in general, but I will settle for airports for now.