Wake Up With Nelson Cruz Becoming The First Player Ever To Hit A Home Run Out Of Safeco Field

This happened over the weekend, but you were probably too drunk to appreciate it, so I waited (you’re welcome). There will be haters who point out that Nelson Cruz was popped for PED use in 2013, and also point out that this was batting practice, so it’s not that big of a deal. But I think it is a pretty big deal when you consider that this was the first time that anybody has ever hit a baseball clear out of Safeco Field, and that includes games and batting practice. You should also consider that this is a ballpark that has been around since 1999, which was right in the heart of the Steroid Era.

There have been some roided up sons of bitches that have rolled through Safeco Field over the years, and nobody has ever been able to hit one out of the entire stadium. So, batting practice or not, juice or not, that’s pretty damn impressive. What’s even more impressive, though, is that the guys at Cut4 estimate that this home run was “only” 489 feet. That’s obviously a bomb, but I say “only” because that wouldn’t even be the furthest home run hit by a player in the MLB this year. That distinction belongs to Nomar Mazara of the Texas Rangers, who hit a 491-foot bomb last week in Texas.