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Kyle Reifers With A SERIOUS Case Of Swamp Ass At Colonial Today









I hate to even make fun of Kyle here. This could happen to any of us. You forget to pack the Gold Bond, the humidity gets turned up to a thousand outside, you packed your grey pants and you’re in a bind. He couldn’t just drop outta the tournament. He knew he had swamp ass. He knew that we knew that he had swamp ass. That’s the fucked up thing about swamp ass. Once it starts happening, there’s nothing you can do it about. You’re powerless against it. It’s like a tidal wave that you have to let wash over your ass. It just sucks when that tidal wave is happening in front of thousands of gallery members at Colonial and another couple hundred thousand watching on TV. It’s all good, Kyle. No worries. We all feel your pain. Stay strong and always bring powder. He’s actually playing really well so he deserves some sort of medal.