Brandel Chamblee Wants To Know Why Golfers Misread Putts And He Wants To Know Right Now!



Brandel wants answers! Why do golfers misread putts, Peter Kostis?!?!?!? WHY? TELL ME. I DON’T UNDERSTAND. What a weird time for Chamblee to pressure someone for an answer on a topic that is literally unanswerable. Hey Brandel, if anybody knew why golfers misread putts they would be the best golfer in the world/richest man in the world cause he’d teach all the pro golfers how to putt. That exchange is like when a kid just keeps asking why why why why why why until the other person snaps or, in this case, completely ignores the other person. It’s warm outside today. Why? Cause there’s no clouds and the sun is shining. Why? Cause the sun warms up the earth. Why? Cause the sun is hot. Why? Just cause. Something’s can’t be explained and that’s just how the world works. Deal with it. I love how Kostis eventually just stopped answering and another announcer had to move the broadcast along before Kostis told Chamblee to fuck off.