The Real Grit Tour Happened In My Apartment - KFC Radio Episode 170 featuring The Big Boys

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Comin in HOT this episode. Full scale meltdown from your boy KFC after the week from hell and so its nothing but flaming hot takes all episode.

Hot Take 1: Hodor sucked and I dont care that he’s dead

Hot Take 2: When I eat sunflower seeds I dont even bother to actually get the seeds out of the shell. I just kinda chew on them and once all the flavor is gone I spit it all out. Sometimes even just eat the shells. Its RIDICULOUS that one of the most popular summertime snacks involves manipulating a seed shell with nothing but your mouth. This is dumb. Very stupid. Way, WAY too much work just to eat a fucking seed. The seeds themselves dont even taste good. Sunflower seeds are basically just a conduit for salt, ranch and BBQ. I thought I was going to be out on an island here with my sunflower seed methods but judging by twitter I am not alone.

Hot Take 3, courtesy of Jason Whitlock who called in and left a voicemail: There arent enough black chicks on GTA.

Good luck listening to this episode without your computer, headphones, and ear drums melting from the flames.