Silicon Valley's TJ Miller Banging Out 90 Jokes For 5 Minutes Straight Is One Of The More Impressive Things I've Seen



Silicon Valley continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. It’s in its third season and it is still consistently funny. Which is necessary after heartbreaking episodes of GOT. It’s a big time shift in tone every Sunday night. We go from people getting sliced open and flayed and hung to a bunch of geeky guys at a tech start up. Silicon Valley is always there with a quick dick-to-floor joke or a middle out joke or a SWOT board to remind you that not everything in the world is terrible. I gotta say, TJ Miller ripping 90 jokes for 5 minutes straight is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. He didn’t miss a damn beat. Impossible job for the editors of the show to pick out the best ones when Miller is firing them off like a machine gun. You know what they should’ve done? They should’ve put every single joke on the show. That would’ve been great. Just 5 straight minutes of Bachman jokes.  And it wouldn’t have been crazy since this is a show that once spent 10 minutes discussing the fastest way to jerk off an auditorium full of men.