Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook's Reaction To The Question Of If Steph Curry Is An Underrated Defender Was Classic

This is when the NBA is at its best. When two teams are just counterpunching haymakers on and off the court. Seeing such a stark reaction from Russ while KD tries to think of a diplomatic way to say “no” is great. Steph rightfully has gotten all the praise in the world this year for a historic season and being a basketball sorcerer while also leading the league in steals. But he’s not a shutdown defender. Is he underrated? I don’t know, that’s a subjective phrase. But those reactions tell me that KD and Russ politely disagree.

We all thought the Spurs would be the team to give the Warriors all they could handle in the Western Conference Finals (well except for Big Cat’s boy). But instead it has been the Thunder after Durant and Russ finally were healthy and peaking at the right time to form some sort of basketball Voltron with the rest of their teammates. And in some ways it’s better that way. The Spurs have the great coach and franchise that just churns out wins and titles. But the Thunder have two of the best players in the entire league, either of which could be the best player in this series at any given time. KD has always kinda gotten a free pass on things because the media liked him, while Russ always seems to get called out for stuff that others wouldn’t just because of his persona. Even though dressing like a background dancer from an old Janet Jackson video doesn’t help matters either. But seeing the Warriors go up against a team that can match up with them up and down the court is just awesome to see, and that’s coming from a guy that absolutely loves watching the Warriors win while Mama Curry shakes that thang.

Also, Steph’s “We ain’t going home” line definitely felt like a moment. Maybe it was Marv Albert being on the call along the famous “YES” as with the Golden State crowd went fucking bonkers. But that definitely was a moment in a season where Steph has given us wayyyy more than his share.

Cannot WAIT until Game 6 on Saturday night.