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Stopping Domestic Violence By Shooting Your Husband Is Actually A Pretty Good Tactic

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WPXI - A woman in Maine has been charged with shooting at her husband during an argument, but it’s what she was wearing when she was arrested that is surprising. Emily Wilson, 38, was booked on domestic violence and weapons charges after the fight. In her mugshot, she is wearing a T-shirt that says “Stop Domestic Violence.” Police reported that Wilson and her husband were arguing over his alleged infidelity when she began waving a .45-caliber handgun around their bedroom, eventually firing a shot into their mattress. The husband called police.

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I don’t hate Emily’s play here, I don’t hate it at all. What’s one way to end domestic violence? Kill the domestic violence people. Shooting at her husband to end domestic violence is like when you know you shouldn’t eat any more cookies so you eat the entire sleeve of cookies in one sitting so there’s no more cookies to eat. It’s just a little outside of the box thinking. You can’t end domestic violence without a little violence of your own, just like you can’t keep the peace without dropping a bomb. It’s unfortunate that the police arrested her and she might get a bunch of jailtime, when the only crime committed here was Emily putting that noggin of her to good use.