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Kyle Lowry Looking At Last Night's Box Score Sums Up Game 5, Drake Gets Trolled On IG

If you didnt see anything other than this video right here, you would be like “It appears the Raptors lost by 38 points.” Would love to know which numbers jumped out at Lowry that much to cause those faces. I know for me it was that Demar Derozan was the Raptors leading scorer despite only shooting 2-8 from the field. 2-8! He put the ball in the basket 2 times during 48 minutes of play. When your leading scorer has 2 field goals you are fucked in an unimaginable way.

Series now moves back to Canada, into Drake territory. Since Game 3, Drake has inserted himself into this series more than anyone else on the actual Raptors. It feels like its Lebron vs. Drake and Lowry. Last night after that took that L, the Cavs arena DJ put Drake on a poster on IG