Nomar Mazara Just Hit The Longest Home Run Of The 2016 Season At 491 Feet



Imagine going to the ballpark and sitting 80 rows away from the field and still catching a home run ball? Yikes.

At the beginning of May, I wrote a blog in which the first sentence was, “Nomar Mazara — remember the name.” This is why. Nomar Mazara has one of the sweetest swings in baseball right now. I mean, look at that thing. It’s smooth, compact and you’d never be able to tell that he hit a ball almost 500 feet just by looking at the swing. It’s not violent. It’s just a thing of beauty. By the way, the kid’s only 21 years old. He’s been legally allowed to have a beer for less than a month, and he’s already smashing near-500 foot homers. Impressive as hell.