Fat Blogger Flips A Water Bottle Onto A Table In An Attempt To Gain Internet Fame

Here at Barstool we believe in the ABCs. Always Be #Contenting. So I figured if a kid can become an internet legend flipping a bottle in front of a packed house, maybe an idiot like me could get internet D level fame by pulling the same move WHILE recording and producing the whole thing. Sure producing means just choosing the song, fast forwarding to the right part of the YouTube, and making the bottle dance like a snake ma. But again, it’s all about content, page views, and internet fame. Someone tell Jenna Marbles that Megabus Fat Clem Diclembe Mutombo is coming for that ass.

PS: Yes that is TWO DirecTV remotes. One for the dining room table and one another for the living room couch. I’m basically already living the celebrity life.