Some Deaf Dude Beat Paige VanZant At Dancing With The Stars Despite Paige Getting a Perfect Score

Bloody Elbow - Three couples were in the finals of Dancing With The Stars, and while Paige VanZant was pegged as a favorite by most fans and even the judges, it wasn’t meant to be as she ended up as the runner-up on Season 22 of the popular show. Prior to the announcement, the UFC star and her partner, Mark Ballas performed their final dance, a Jive and Salsa fusion which got perfect scores from the judges. “Paige, you have delivered and set the standard from Day 1 of this competition, and you continue to set the standard. Awesome job!” judge Carrie Anne Inaba said.

“If this was judged purely on dance, you’re the one to beat,” judge Len Goodman said. Unfortunately for the UFC star, it isn’t just based on their scores, as fan voting also played a big part determining the winner. Despite stellar reviews and having the highest total from the judges this season, VanZant ended up second to Nyle DiMarco, a deaf “America’s Next Top Model” winner.


Does winning Dancing With The Stars matter? No, not in the slightest. But it’s simply un-American for the best dancer to lose because some deafy got all his Hellen Keller ass friends to vote for him. There is a 0.0% chance this “Nyle DiMarco” person would have won if he wasn’t deaf. White people can’t dance. Deaf people CERTAINLY can’t dance. It’s obstruction of justice that some dude name Nyle won. Maybe it’s my fault for not voting. I guess the old saying “you can’t complain if you don’t vote” originated with Dancing With The Stars. But I just hope we all understand Paige actually won, but deaf people have nothing better to do than vote 1,000 times so they can claim to have a winner of their own.

PS: Paige is going to be a superstar. She booked a movie deal from being on DWTS, and still is going to keep fighting in the UFC.

Wouldn’t mind having her punch me in the face a few times if you know what I mean (having her punch me in the face)

She is bae, as the kids say.