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Who Can Get Me Into The Joliet Racing Pigeon Club?




Big Cat,


Saw this on 55 this morning. Didnt know this ever existed




I’m a simple man with very few needs in life. My internet needs to work, my dog needs to not die, and my x-box needs to not get the red ring of death. That’s about it. But this. This is something I need to get in on. I don’t care if I have to wear a wife beater and fake like I enjoy Nascar just to fit in with the locals in Joliet, I need this. Pigeon racing is in my blood. Who has a line on the Racing Pigeon Club in Joliet? Give me a time and I’m there*. Mike Tyson better watch out because I’m coming for that ass.


*I’m dead serious, if anyone knows anything about this club I will do a video with them in 0.0 seconds.