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Just In Time For Beach Season- Taco Bell's Fried Chicken Taco Shell Set To Hit Restaurants Nation-Wide #NoCarbs

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FWF – In the latest installment of the fast-food wars, Taco Bell is hoping to one-up KFC’s now-infamous “Double Down”—bacon and cheese sandwiched between two fried chicken filets—with the “Naked Chicken Chalupa.” Originally dubbed the “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco,” and once available only at locations in Bakersfield, California, the creation is now ready to roll out nationally, according to BuzzFeed. The item builds on the concept that any foodstuff can be transformed into a taco as long as it’s folded down the middle (see: the “waffle taco” and the “biscuit taco”)

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This is American innovation at it’s finest. The lightbulb. The television. Double anal. The Internet. Double anal on the Internet. And now a taco shell made out of fried chicken. When we write history books, Taco Bells ability to take foods and make it into other foods will be an entire chapter. You know that episode of South Park where the manatees put together Family Guy jokes? That’s also the method Taco Bell uses to create new foods. And now they are going Silicon Valley style and working from the outside in. Change the shell, change the game. Basically if you can fold it in half, Taco Bell will eventually use it as a taco shell. If there is an idea you have that mixes multiple Mexican foods into 1, Taco Bell wants to hear it. And shit, why limit it to Mexican food? I’m fairly sure we are only a year away from them splitting a hot dog down the middle and filling it with that delicious ground beef while they take a syringe and pump it full of nacho cheese. All inside of a shell made up of deep fried lava sauce.