Today We Are Reminded Seth Rogen's Ridiculous Looking Movie "Sausage Party" Is On The Way


In case you somehow missed it, the movie I’m most looking forward to this Summer is Sausage Party, the story of food finding out that they get eaten and die. I’ve watched the trailer a few times, and August 12th truly cannot come soon enough. Things that have been said about Sausage Party include (via Slashfilm):

“Its fucking filthy. its really really really dirty, but it looks like a Pixar movie.”

“Sausage Party appalled him [Sacha Baron Cohen] in some ways. We brought him to a screening where we watched the hand drawn version of the movie and he could not believe it — ‘that is the single craziest fucking thing I’ve seen in my whole life’ He said, ‘Just know you’ve gotten successful enough to make the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’”

“We even explore inter-food sex in the movie, we explore all of that,” laughs Rogen.

Violence, food sex, and appalling to Borat. And you know the best part of this is? It goes back to what Sacha Baron Cohen said “you’ve gotten successful enough to make the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. And that’s what I love about what Seth Rogen is doing. He’s getting high with his friends and making movies they want to make. They did it with This Is The End and The Interview, and now he’s doing it with Sausage Party. That’s what bugs me about Adam Sandler- he’s also rich and successful enough to make whatever he wants, but he just makes Grown Ups 3- Grown Upier. I wish him and Chris Rock and David Spade would just go balls to the wall and make something crazy like Sausage Party.