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Props To This Serbian Man Who Was Willing To Die For A Beer From a Vending Machine


When you’re drunk, the heart wants what the heart wants. Often times what that means is you wake up with a massive headache and restraining orders (no? just me?), but other times it ends up with you nearly killing yourself with a gigantic beer vending machine. I’m not going to knock his effort though. There’s a phrase that is rarely used on this website, popularized by Wayne Gretzky that goes something like “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Michael Scott”. The guy in the video was so sure of himself- just had to wrap his head in a jacket, pull really hard, and all the riches from it would be his. Drunk logic 101. Unfortunately for him the vending machine company was one step ahead of his “pull really hard on the door” plan to break into it. Such a bummer. I guess over in Serbia where the beer flows like wine, they have to be extra secure with that shit. Thank goodness his buddy was there to help him, or else our guy likely would have just slept there/allowed his insides to get crushed by the vending machine.

PS: At least he didn’t get Breaking Bad’d. Was very close though. Very, very close.





h/t FoodBeast