Rotoworld Absolutely NAILED Their Andre Williams Player Update



via Rotoworld (duh)

Nothing like a shot to one of your least favorite players’ jaws to get the blood moving on a rainy Tuesday, huh Giants fans? We all remember last year’s preseason update on Williams, when he showed up looking like the Incredible Hulk.

Which was really fun and exciting, until we found out that he was still Andre Williams.


Williams has a harder time finding a hole than I did in high school while continuing to wear disrespect Ahmad Bradshaw’s old number. The Giants have 35 running backs on their team and I am somehow 100000% expecting Williams to be on the 53-man roster for the season opener because Jerry Reese is that big of a motherfucker. Reese doesn’t seem to realize that the whole “three yards and a cloud of dust” is not very effective, especially when it occurs behind the line of scrimmage. Then again, I guess part of being a sports fan is having a player on your team that you absolutely, positively hate (I’m looking at you Sasha Vujacic and Eric Campbell). Actually fuck that, I can’t spin being happy that Andre Williams being on my team. Instead I will just sit here and hope that either Rotoworld or Annie Apple ethers Williams weekly once the season starts.