Dude Gets Domino's To Apologize For Uncooked Meatball On His Pizza (It's His Balls. He Put His Balls On The Pizza).

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Metro - Domino’s pizza has apologised to a customer who found a wrinkled human testicle nestling on the edge of a pizza – despite the fact it still looks, er, attached to someone’s scrotum.

It’s a tribute to how polite Domino’s customer services are, that they actually apologised for the giant gonad on the pizza after being Tweeted by Ciaran Jarrett.

The chain apologised, saying, ‘Sorry about that, have you told the store about this?’

Told them what, that you’ve just put your left nut down on your own dinner?


I turned 29 today, and every time I start to worry that I’m getting a little too old, a story like this comes along and makes me laugh, and I know everything is going to be ok. A testicle on a pizza. Ha ha. Classic. Plopping your ballsack right on your pie and getting Dominos to apologize for it on Twitter. That’s just good old fashioned immature toilet humor pranking and I fucking love it.

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Also hats off to Domino’s customer service. They know how the game is played. Just automatically be nice and apologize to everyone who tweets mean things at you so your #brand never takes a negative hit, even if it’s a guy clearly sticking his scrotum onto his Pepperoni Passion.