The Tourette's Guy Gets A Bunch Of Song Remixes And It Shot Me Straight Down Memory Lane

Danny! See, there are somethings that need to be revisited once every so often to appreciate the greatness that it once was. Caddyshack. The Mel Gibson Tapes. Lindsay Lohan’s face and tits circa Mean Girls era before the coke and cock got to her. Just something that you remember and see that instantly puts a smile on your face. Well this half assed song mashup shot me directly down the rabbit hole into the greatness that was 2006-2007 Tourette’s Guy. The trials and tribulations of Danny, his ex-wife Shirlina and overly homo sounding son is a cubicle/class time killer for hours. Enjoy, even though I’m pretty sure he’s at best in jail or at worst dead. Probably dead.