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Hide Your Girl Because Godzingis And Slick Willy Are Back Together In Spain

No big deal, just a couple of male models that decided to make their bones as professional basketball players hanging out. I was going to ask if it was OK that Porzingis was wearing white before Memorial Day, but then I remembered that Memorial Day isn’t a thing over in Europe. Does that mean white pants are always in play? Because if so, that is awesome. Well at least for when chicks wear them. I don’t really care about what color a guy’s pants are. But a good pair of white pants or white shorts on girls may trump a great skirt or sun dress.

Anyway, my boy definitely pulls off the ripped pants look while Willy just casually lets the ladies of New York know that if/when he flies across the pond to be our unofficial 2016 draft pick, it is game on. I can’t even begin to fathom how many Spanish mamasitas lost their minds once this picture was tweeted out. Because with moves like these, the Spanish panties are about to be dropping like flies.