This Guy Clinging Onto His Chick's Leg In The Middle Of The Street After Being Dumped May Need To Learn About Dignity


Metro – The short clip was captured in the streets of Huai’an City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province, show the scenes unfolding in a popular shopping districts, where countless pedestrians bore witnesses to the shocking scenes.

Reports said the boyfriend was driven to desperation as his girlfriend decided to break up with him one day, making him resort to a last-ditch bid to win her back.


First of all, great usage of “disgraceful” by this girl. The word disgrace doesn’t get thrown around nearly as often as it should outside of Donald Trump’s tweets and it should given how expressive the concept of sullying your family’s name just by existing is. And that was a disgraceful showing, both in terms of his desperation and his overall lack of strategy. No matter how much a girl thinks she wants a guy to beg to take him back, she doesn’t actually want that, especially literally and paired with crying and ripping off her clothes out of desperation not to get left behind. Overall though his shame mostly has me wondering what exactly it is about this girl that’s got him so pathetic? Like she seems okay physically but definitely not embarrass yourself publicly AND get those scabby concrete scratches worthy. There has to be something we’re missing here, maybe she has unblurred genitals?


But for as loathsome as this kid’s performance is and as superficially unappealing as it must be to women, at least you know this guy’s dedicated. As you get older thanks to the glory of social media, you can see the standards of people you grew up with drop as they get older. Girls who were chasing chiseled investment bankers at 25 are suddenly engaged to Tom Cruise in a fat suit from Tropic Thunder at 30. And this guy, despite or maybe because of his complete lack of a spine, at least has one marketable quality here in that he’ll completely embarrass and emasculate himself to keep a woman placated. If sitcoms and overhearing couple’s conversations have taught me anything, that’s more than enough to keep most ladies happy in a practical day-to-day way.