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Padres Broadcasters Don Orsillo And Mark Grant Were In Rare Form In San Diego's 17-Inning Loss

I could make this a blog about how awesome Don Orsillo is, but I’m not gonna do that. I could also make this a blog about how sad this makes me that Don Orsillo is no longer broadcasting Red Sox games, but I won’t do that, either. I could say things like, “Whoever is responsible for Don Orsillo’s dismissal from NESN is a piece of shit asshole,” but I’m above that. Won’t go there.

What I will say, though, is that the National League West is a sad, sad state of affairs. The Dodgers walked away with the victory in this one after 17 innings, and they’re in third place coming into Monday with a 22-23 record. The Padres are awful, as expected, and in last place with a -31 run differential. The division-leading San Francisco Giants are +6 on the year. The team with the best run differential in the NL West, the Dodgers (+15), would be in fourth place in the NL Central. I’m not sure if that’s more of an indictment on the NL West or a compliment to how good the NL Central is. Is it possible to say both? Because I think it’s both. Either way, it’s a pretty safe bet that the World Series winner isn’t coming out of the NL West this year.